Why Choose Alexis?

Style & Approach

Alexis is a thoughtful and compassionate neutral with extensive employment and litigation experience. Whether mediating or investigating, Alexis brings her significant experience from private practice and as an in-house employment advisor and litigator for Fortune 500 corporations to every engagement. Because she has handled virtually every type of employment law claim, including harassment, discrimination, retaliation, disability accommodation, sick leave, FMLA, workplace conduct and safety, workers’ compensation, and complex PAGA and wage and hour disputes, she can quickly and effectively analyze claims and underlying interests to help the parties make thoughtful decisions during mediation or following an investigation.

Alexis pairs her in-depth experience and problem-solving skills with training from the country’s top dispute resolution program. She helps individuals and businesses find effective, practical, and creative solutions to all types of disputes.

Alexis does not hesitate to engage in difficult conversations and understands the important role our work lives, relationships, and health play in our self-worth and sense of identity. She handles strong emotions with patience and empathy. Alexis is a strong communicator and active listener and is known by colleagues on both sides of the bar for being fair, friendly, and professional.

Alexis is MC3 Certified and is also an Affiliate Mediator with AAA Mediation.org.

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Online Mediation & Investigation Services

Alexis is comfortable conducting mediations and investigations in-person and online using Zoom. The COVID pandemic has proven that online mediations and investigations are viable – and sometimes preferable.

Online mediation generally begins with all advocates and parties in one virtual room for introductions and an overview of the day. The parties and their counsel are then sent to separate virtual breakout rooms for private caucuses with Alexis.

Online investigations are similar to in-person investigations and are conducted via a platform that allows document sharing, whiteboarding, transcription, and other services valuable to the investigative process.

Advantages of online mediation or investigation:

  • Parties attend from a comfortable, familiar location and avoid stress responses that can be triggered when physically close to an opposing party
  • Discrete attendance
  • No travel time or expense for parties, counsel, or neutral
  • Streamlined process
  • Increased accessibility
  • Increased productivity for counsel and parties during natural breaks in the process

If you have questions about online mediation or investigation in general, or whether your specific matter might be suitable for online mediation or investigation, please contact our office to discuss.

online mediation

Contact & Scheduling

For mediation scheduling, please contact Sonia Patel Dalton at 949-822-7270 or sp@alexispheiffer.com.
For investigations and all other questions, please contact Alexis directly at 480-463-4681 or ap@alexispheiffer.com.