Fees & Additional Services



Alexis charges flat fees for all mediations. Full-day rates include all advance preparation time (such as pre-mediation conferences and extensive review of briefs/exhibits) and up to 10 hours on the day of mediation. Half-day rates include all advance preparation time and up to four (4) hours spent in mediation. When half-day mediations require more than four (4) hours, Alexis charges an hourly rate. Please contact Alexis’ case manager for rate details.

If the case does not resolve on the mediation day, Alexis will typically engage in reasonable follow-up after the mediation session ends at no additional charge.

If a confirmed mediation is cancelled within fourteen (14) days of the scheduled mediation date, the entire mediation fee will be assessed unless the time is rebooked or Alexis determines the circumstances warrant a waiver of the cancellation fee.

Please contact us to discuss fees and schedule your mediation.


Alexis changes an hourly rate for workplace investigations.  Please contact Alexis directly to discuss your investigation needs.

Locations & Travel

Alexis conducts investigations and mediations virtually using Zoom and in-person at various locations throughout the Phoenix metro area and the Upper Midwest.  If the parties have a preferred location, please let Alexis know when scheduling.

Alexis travels within Arizona and the Upper Midwest as well as to other states. In Arizona, additional fees will apply for in-state travel to locations outside of the Phoenix metro area, such as Tucson, Flagstaff, Prescott, Payson, or Yuma, and to certain travel out-of-state.  In the Upper Midwest, additional travel fees may apply to locations outside of the Madison and Milwaukee metro areas.

Additional Services

Alexis provides facilitation, training, and consulting services on request. Please contact Alexis for more information.

Contact & Scheduling

For mediation scheduling, please contact Sonia Patel Dalton at 949-822-7270 or sp@alexispheiffer.com.
For investigations and all other questions, please contact Alexis directly at 480-463-4681 or ap@alexispheiffer.com.